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Many are familiar with how Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is considered the “gold standard” in the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder and is frequently the modality of choice in serving those with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities.

However, many people do not know the universality of ABA. For instance, almost all marketing campaigns use ABA strategies by creating a stimulus in order to achieve a desired response from a target population. Just think about some of the ads you have seen and you will see that this statement is correct. ABA is also widely used in organizations to promote teamwork, productivity, and other forms of organizational development. Given the right stimulus and environment followed by a desired reinforcement, the employee is likely to optimize their performance.

The bottom line is that ABA is prevalent in our everyday lives is useful across diverse populations with varying diagnoses.

Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA)

The FBA takes a deeper look at maladaptive behavior and assesses strengths in the context of the individual’s social and physical environments. FBA results give insight as to why an individual chooses certain behaviors; and therefore, allows for the development of a behavior support plan to facilitate positive change through a strength’s based approac

Behavior Support Plan (BSP)

Using the results of the FBA, a strength’s based BSP is developed using proactive and reactive strategies to promote adaptive replacement behaviors. All interventions are reinforcement based and are developed using evidenced based practices. BSP’s will target 3-4 maladaptive behaviors prioritized by risk.

Individual Behavior Support Consulting

After the BSP is developed. A behavior specialist can be contracted to work in conjunction with the support team to start implementing the BSP with the individual. This private consulting allows for the BSP to be evaluated and revised so that it is best tailored to the individual. It also allows the individual and those involved in the individual’s life (e.g., family, service provider, friends, etc.) to become the experts of the plan.

Current Projects

Jmk Behavior is currently working with state officials in an effort to expand resources available for those served by Delaware’s Department of Disability Services

Art Therapy
Play Therapy
Social Skills Groups
Greater access to Speach and Occupational Therapy