The first step to understanding why one behaves a certain way, is a comprehensive evaluation to assess one’s individual needs. This is accomplished using a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA).

The FBA utilizes an array of direct and indirect data collection methods to determine the factors that drive and maintain the behaviors that impact the individual in a socially significant way.

JMK will then assess the individual’s skill level in areas that are fundamental to increasing  their quality of life (e.g., communication, social, adaptive). Additionally, JMK evaluates the individual’s strengths. This assessment result allows ABA professionals to develop a person-centered, evidenced based, and efficient plan to move forward.

Behavior Plan

JMK takes a  holistic approach to create an evolving plan that eventually leads to the individual’s success. The assessment phase provided insight into reasons behind certain behaviors. The next step outlines what can be done about them.

JMK collaborates with the individual’s friends and family to develop an individualized plan. The plan focuses not only on areas where the client faces challenges, but also aims to leverage their existing strengths. The Behavioral Support Plan (BSP) serves as a guide, supporting the individual and their caregivers through various situations in their lives.

Ongoing Support

After the BSP is developed, a behavior specialist may be contracted to work in conjunction with the support team to start its implementation. This private and personal consultation allows for the BSP to be continuously evaluated and appropriately revised so that it is completely tailored to the individual.

It also allows the client and those involved in their life (family members, service providers, friends, etc.) to ask any questions and become completely familiarized with the plan.

Individual and Group Counseling

JMK therapists are trained to create personalized, eclectic and holistic plans to guide clients and help them live their best lives. Through counseling, one can hope to gain insight and an understanding of the difficulties they face.

The counseling process starts with identifying and setting goals. Skill building includes learning and implementing coping skills that build emotional resilience and put change into effect. Our therapists specialize in working with individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. JMK provides the following counseling sessions in this category:

         Individual Counseling

         Support Groups

         Social Skills Groups

         Psychoeducational Groups

         Other counseling sessions tackle Anxiety, Depression, Personality Disorders, PTSD, ADHD, Trauma, and Individual and Group Therapy.


JMK also provides training to the client’s parents, staff and caregivers, to inform them about specific behavior techniques, evidence-based practice, and mental health. Examples of trainings that are be offered include:

         Fundamental principles and procedures in Applied Behavior Analysis

         Data collection and analysis procedures

         Classroom management strategies

         Classroom organization

         Prompting strategies to promote student independence

         Social and communication development

Is there anything you want to learn more about not mentioned on this list? We would love to hear your feedback on which specific trainings would be beneficial for you and your team!